What Our Clients Say

My Mam became a resident at Ashwood Court over 2 years ago following concerns about her care in 2 previous care homes. The friendly staff are extremely patient, kind and understanding towards Mam, despite her challenging behaviour at times, and she has settled in very well. The home and ensuite rooms are kept spotlessly clean and tidy and the meals are now of good quality and have a 5 star rating since the new manager took over recently.

As a family, we are all relieved that Mam is now being so well cared for and is safe and secure in her world. When I visit, the staff are so friendly and always offer a 'cuppa' or even a meal if required and answer any questions or concerns I may have. I would like to say a huge thank you to the Manager, nurses, carers, domestics and kitchen staff for all your hard work and dedication, it is very much appreciated and especially in these challenging times. I would highly recommend this home to anyone looking for a placement for their loved one.

What can I say about this wonderful home, my mam has lived there for 6 years, very sadly but peacefully she passed away today 23rd October. The staff have been beyond amazing, their care and compassion has restored my faith in humanity, they're not only staff they're family , nothing has been a bother to them , they have cared for my mam and us over the last few days with extreme professionalism but above all kindness and compassion, we have laughed and cried together and we are so very very thankful, these people are quite literally angels without wings, thank you from the bottom of our hearts just doesn't seem enough, but thank you.

My father was taken into care at Ashwood Court last November due to worsening of his dementia and the physical and mental toll this was putting on my mother who was his main carer. This was a difficult time for all of the family as my father is much loved but we realised he was no longer safe to remain at home. Though it took some time for both my parents to accept the move the staff were there to support and offer excellent care. This includes emotional support for my mother who visits nearly every day.

The staff, including the cleaning and catering staff, are like a second family to her. Now under new management, it is obvious the manager wishes to instil high standards of nursing care and this evident in my fathers improved physical health and dementia care.

My Dad was placed in Ashwood Court in November last year. I must admit he did not settle, however, when the old Manager left and the new manager has taken over, it has improved 100% and my Dad is a lot happier and so am I. There are a lot more activities which help staff, residents and family to interact with each other, therefore, getting to know each other more, making for a very happy and friendly environment. Not only do they look after my Dad, they also make a fuss of my Mam who visits my Dad practically every day, as my Mam and Dad have never been separated in 65 years, until now.

The carers also offer my Mam lunch or tea depending on what time of the day she visits. My Mam used to fret and cry as she missed my Dad so much, not now as Mam knows my Dad is a lot happier and looks forward to every visit. In a sense, it is a social life for her as all the staff and residents get on so well and Mam is making a lot more new friends. Keep up the good work to the manager and all staff at Ashwood Court.

This home has been exceptional in the care that they have provided not only for my nana but also went the extra mile to provide a home for the last days of my nana's son's life which was his final wish. The staff are friendly, approachable and extremely professional. They not only care for the residents they also include visiting family members in all activities and ensure that we are involved in the care planning for our loved ones.

I am just glad that we found my nana a forever home with staff that are not just doing a job but the staff that are really caring that work hard to look after their resident's, include families and that fundraise at every opportunity to provide the best facilities and activities for their residents.

Mam recently passed away but she spent nearly 3 years in Ashwood Court. The staff were absolutely amazing with her. They gave her back the dignity this awful disease takes from you. Dad was in every day and they even looked after him too. Great amazing team.

My father in law has been in Ashwood Court for nearly two years, he is really settled and happy. At present I find the staff to be very aware of my father in law's needs and treat him with the utmost respect. My father in law has a good sense of humour and the staff interact with him as an individual making him laugh on a daily basis.

I visit the home daily and I am made to feel very welcome. The daily care given to my father in law by the carers is exceptional and I feel he is treated as if he was one of their own. I personally would recommend this home to others and I have no regrets placing him here for the rest of his days.