Our Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

We are extremely thankful to our staff who have done a great job during the pandemic to keep our residents and also themselves as safe as possible.

So far, we are clear of the virus and we are following strict measures and procedures in line with the guidelines to minimise the potential risks.

Below are some of the measures we put in place:

We have installed a facial recognition thermal imaging camera at the enterance. If the face recognized by the Thermal imaging camera does not wear a protective face mask or has a high temperature, the system will automatically detect this.

We stocked up on PPE and made sure we have plenty masks, gloves, sanitisers, aprons and visors.

Everyone entering the home needs to wear a mask (available at the door) and use the sanitiser when entering and exiting the building.

Visits - any potential visit needs to be discussed in advance with the care home manager. Our visits are subject to the regulations and guidance at that time.

Residents and staff are tested regularly and infection control measures have been tightened.

Temperature checks - daily for staff and residents and each time for every person that enters the home.

We have our own, in house permanent staff and only use external agency staff if absolutely necessary and on a limited basis.

All new admissions, either from other care homes, hospital or home, are screened and a negative test is required.